Friday, July 17, 2009

ERSIN FAIKZADE-The Special Tribute

in special tribute this month, meet the idol of the Middle-East! Now living in the United Kingdom, this pearl of the Orient little known to North-Americans,
Ersin Faikzade, is a genuine noble man descendant of the historical Family -
one of the rare family in the world who has a career as an artist.

Ersin Faikzade-Life Story
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Hear the sounds of traditional
classical Turkish music for which Ersin is best known for in keeping this musical heritage as well as some of his interpretations of French,spanish,italian and English songs. The subject of many of his songs is, for the most part, romantic ballads.
Solenzara-ERSIN FAIKZADE new edition
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A courageous young man I know for reasons I shall keep for my own,
Noble Ersin is a wonderful humanitarian who supports many charities and gives his time to the less fortunate without neither boundary of race,
religion nor nationality in many parts of the world.

Goodwill Ambassador ERSIN FAIKZADE-Iyi Niyet Elcisi
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Ersin is also an excellent magazine journalist who's articles on royals and princesses
of the world have gone into second printing and sold out at times - his writings bring a new window onto the world of their lives with refreshing
candor and interesting profile which brings them closer to the reader. He has supported the work of Princess Diana's charities and many others.
The sixth video on this list (with the song 'What a Wonderful World' by Louis Armstrong) is one where Ersin is having a great time at a
home for the mentally handicapped he supports and visits as well as staff he has encountered during this particular charity work.
He helps charities for the sick, disabled, mentally handicapped, multiple sclerosis and more. To support him is to help people in need everywhere.
Discover his music, the sounds of Turkey, and the wonderful human being he is. Between some videos of his songs,

Una Calle Me Separa-ERSIN FAIKZADE
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I have also included a few picture montages of him here - some made by his fans - as many young ladies find his photogenic looks quite attractive,
I left this treat here especially for them - enjoy!


Ne me quitta pas-La VIE d'ERSIN FAIKZADE
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Ersin Faikzade-Gozlerin Doguyor Gecelerime-english title
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