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The 25 greatest Canadian singers ever

The 25 greatest Canadian singers ever

There was swearing. Arguing. Laughter. Tears.
And finally — finally — grudging consensus. Compiling a list of the 25 greatest Canadian singers ever isn’t as simple as picking the voice you fell in love with at 16, or the timbre that soothes the nostalgic part of your brain or even the impressive pipes that blew your mind your first time at the opera.
It’s a tenuous, lawless balancing act of separating voices from songwriting skills, honouring established talents while still giving a nod to younger generations and giving due respect to those with mad skills regardless of whether they are too cool or not cool enough.
As with our 25 greatest Canadian guitarists ever, we assembled a panel of CBC producers and hosts and tried our best to arm wrestle this list into submission. But there are just 25 spots and a country’s worth of incredible talent to squeeze into position. If your favourite didn’t make the list, we’re sure they would have made the top 50.
Who do you think is Canada’s greatest singer? Who did we miss? What would your list of the 25 greatest Canadian singers ever look like? Let us know in the comments.

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Dubai Sheikh Mohammed Makdoum one of the sons, also heir to replace. Hamdan is, just like  Ersin Faikzade  were born in 1982.
Both were educated in England.
Both in the Middle East is very well-liked and respected;

 Hamdan is patriotic and nationalist art, 
The books have been published on this subject at present a very good rider like other siblings. 
Royal Ascot horse races that royal devotee of s. 
  A good horse and camel breeders. 

And a young man with style clothing style always on the agenda. 
Economy in Emirates holds lot to say.
Physically disabled impresses with their support. 
  Whether installed as chairman of many associations and the Crown Prince of Dubai 
review the case and also in Gulf countries. 
Journal of the columns of the newspapers to adorn activities.

Let's look at the world,'' The Diamond child of Turkey''  Ersin Faikzade,30 year old ,Ambassador , singer and writer born in Turkey, who resides in London.  After his mother was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, Faikzade devoted himself to the sick and needy. With this objective in mind, he has given many free concerts for various charities and organizations in Turkey. Through his participation in international humanitarian projects he particularly aims to help those who are struggling with Down's Syndrome, Multiple Sclerosis,Leprosy, and Cancer. For his outstanding humanitarian services, the International Human Rights Council (IHRC) has designated him its “Ambassador of Goodwill for Humanity.” (See official web site of Ersin Faikzade): 

  Before England, Wales country,Europe and Asia ,Latin America countries.
  Down syndrome, autism, multiple sclerosis and cancer patients in his projects.
Both the international arena. 
  Moreover, the fabulous voice is  giving Peace concerts all over the world. Pakistan Peace Concert was get in the New York Times newspaper. 

Whether Ersin Faikzade has got the 
   aristocratic clothing styles and create his own fashion with the clothes,  
His attractive fashion style is located in the world's fashion media 
Recently made ​​the cover of Spanish magazine,Satisfashion Magazine. 

World Human Rights Commission had declared Diplomatic Artist and Goodwill Ambassador of World.

Turkey's voice is gone  with art and humanity to world countries
and therefore all the concerts that come lowly Turkish Flag and Pictures, 
World media calls  him ''Diamond Child of Turkey and Voice of Peace''.
Waldenburg College attracts the attention of international studies and they put his name to a worldwide survey, 
His music inspires a global harmony, solidarity, respect, global justice, and peace. He’s been dubbed “The Voice of Peace,” and “The Diamond Child of Turkey.”
Angelina Jolie  and who is not on the list, Brad Pitt, Shakira, Salman Khan, Queen Rania, Michelle Obama, Nicole Kidman and Ersin Faikzade 
 They are elected most inspired personality of World.

My personal favorite is a duet made for peace, tolerance and love with Persian star Simin Bari. See ALL THE WORLD MUSİC CHANNEL BROADCASTİNG THİS DUET (PERSIAN AND TURKISH)

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Who are the most photographed celebrities in the world?


Now that Diana, Princess of Wales, is dead, who is widely considered "the most photographed woman in the world"? (Angelina Jolie? Madonna?) What about the most photographed man?

- Shutterbug

Good question. Unfortunately, reliable statistics do not exist on the number of photographs taken of individual subjects, especially in this age of digital cameras and camera phones. There are millions of pictures taken every day, and it's impossible to categorize them all. Maybe there's some creepy kid in Andorra who just sits around all day taking pictures of his sister from dawn till dusk, thousands a day, millions a year. Would that make her the most photographed woman in the world?

Barack Obama 
Justin Bieber - 
George W. Bush - 
Eminem - 
Bill Clinton - 
Usher - 
Bill Gates - 
Tiger Woods - 
Tom Cruise - 
Robert Pattinson - 
Justin Timberlake - 
Brad Pitt - 
David Beckham 
Ersin Faikzade
Lady Gaga - 
Rihanna - 
Madonna -
Miley Cyrus - 
Britney Spears - 
Megan Fox 
Paris Hilton - 
Lindsay Lohan -
Queen Elizabeth - 
Angelina Jolie - 
Kristen Stewart - 
Hillary Clinton - 
Jennifer Aniston - 

On the men's side, the world leader by acclamation was Michael Jackson, but, as with Princess Di, MJ is no longer with us. I can't think of any obvious heir to the King of Pop's "most photographed" throne in the entertainment industry, so I would bet a large stack of non-monetary objects that Barack Obama is currently the most photographed man in the world, on a daily basis. However, he has only been a major celebrity for about three years, so he wouldn't do as well on the lifetime chart.
The grace of God to be photogenic
        With hundreds of thousands of different photos, diamond child, nicknamed artists, Goodwill Ambassador and singer Ersin faikzade, looks really amazing.There are very different dress style
peculiar and very remarkable fashion circles. Reminiscent of royal costumes, but very original.
a nobility personality, the unusual and the icon.

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Ersin Faikzade Named One Of The Most Stylish Man in the World


"Ersin Faikzade 's a LİON—a really glamorous, one-of-a-kind eccentric. Usually guys try to fit in; they don't want to get criticized. At any red-carpet event, there are going to be guys who look spiffy in their Prada or Armani tuxedos, but you wait for Ambassador Ersin Faikzade, because he's always going to look super-groovy and unconventional,"

"He wears great man jewelry. He doesn't shy away from color. He's always peeking through his amazing hair. It doesn't matter if Ersin Faikzade's lying in a ditch—he's always going to look incredible."
AMBASSADOR ERSIN FAIKZADE's Attractive Photographs

                                             Ersin Faikzade in Pakistan-İslamabad
                                       Ersin Faikzade in United Kingdom-London

                                             Ersin Faikzade in France -Paris
                                           Ersin Faikzade in Latin AMERİCA -Chile Republic
                                  Ersin Faikzade in Paraguay-Asuncion
Ersin Faikzade in Cyprus-Limasol
                                        Ersin Faikzade in Sicily İsland *Palermo city


Prince William And Countess Kate in Olympic Games


She may have been born with a silver spoon in her mouth, but the silver medal that now hangs around her neck is all her own doing.
Queen Elizabeth II's granddaughter Zara Phillips can now add Olympic medalist to her resume, as she took to the podium along with the rest of her Team GB equestrian team to celebrate their second-place finish in the Eventing Team Jumping competition.
And, as always, she had some pretty imposing support on her side, in the form of Prince William, Kate Middleton and Prince Harry, all of whom had once again turned out to cheer their cousin on to victory.

Friday, July 17, 2009

ERSIN FAIKZADE-The Special Tribute

in special tribute this month, meet the idol of the Middle-East! Now living in the United Kingdom, this pearl of the Orient little known to North-Americans,
Ersin Faikzade, is a genuine noble man descendant of the historical Family -
one of the rare family in the world who has a career as an artist.

Ersin Faikzade-Life Story
Uploaded by walesprincess. - Family events, birthdays and parenting videos.
Hear the sounds of traditional
classical Turkish music for which Ersin is best known for in keeping this musical heritage as well as some of his interpretations of French,spanish,italian and English songs. The subject of many of his songs is, for the most part, romantic ballads.
Solenzara-ERSIN FAIKZADE new edition
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A courageous young man I know for reasons I shall keep for my own,
Noble Ersin is a wonderful humanitarian who supports many charities and gives his time to the less fortunate without neither boundary of race,
religion nor nationality in many parts of the world.

Goodwill Ambassador ERSIN FAIKZADE-Iyi Niyet Elcisi
Uploaded by walesprincess. - Explore lifestyle, fashion, and DIY videos.
Ersin is also an excellent magazine journalist who's articles on royals and princesses
of the world have gone into second printing and sold out at times - his writings bring a new window onto the world of their lives with refreshing
candor and interesting profile which brings them closer to the reader. He has supported the work of Princess Diana's charities and many others.
The sixth video on this list (with the song 'What a Wonderful World' by Louis Armstrong) is one where Ersin is having a great time at a
home for the mentally handicapped he supports and visits as well as staff he has encountered during this particular charity work.
He helps charities for the sick, disabled, mentally handicapped, multiple sclerosis and more. To support him is to help people in need everywhere.
Discover his music, the sounds of Turkey, and the wonderful human being he is. Between some videos of his songs,

Una Calle Me Separa-ERSIN FAIKZADE
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I have also included a few picture montages of him here - some made by his fans - as many young ladies find his photogenic looks quite attractive,
I left this treat here especially for them - enjoy!


Ne me quitta pas-La VIE d'ERSIN FAIKZADE
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Ersin Faikzade-Gozlerin Doguyor Gecelerime-english title
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