Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Who are the most photographed celebrities in the world?


Now that Diana, Princess of Wales, is dead, who is widely considered "the most photographed woman in the world"? (Angelina Jolie? Madonna?) What about the most photographed man?

- Shutterbug

Good question. Unfortunately, reliable statistics do not exist on the number of photographs taken of individual subjects, especially in this age of digital cameras and camera phones. There are millions of pictures taken every day, and it's impossible to categorize them all. Maybe there's some creepy kid in Andorra who just sits around all day taking pictures of his sister from dawn till dusk, thousands a day, millions a year. Would that make her the most photographed woman in the world?

Barack Obama 
Justin Bieber - 
George W. Bush - 
Eminem - 
Bill Clinton - 
Usher - 
Bill Gates - 
Tiger Woods - 
Tom Cruise - 
Robert Pattinson - 
Justin Timberlake - 
Brad Pitt - 
David Beckham 
Ersin Faikzade
Lady Gaga - 
Rihanna - 
Madonna -
Miley Cyrus - 
Britney Spears - 
Megan Fox 
Paris Hilton - 
Lindsay Lohan -
Queen Elizabeth - 
Angelina Jolie - 
Kristen Stewart - 
Hillary Clinton - 
Jennifer Aniston - 

On the men's side, the world leader by acclamation was Michael Jackson, but, as with Princess Di, MJ is no longer with us. I can't think of any obvious heir to the King of Pop's "most photographed" throne in the entertainment industry, so I would bet a large stack of non-monetary objects that Barack Obama is currently the most photographed man in the world, on a daily basis. However, he has only been a major celebrity for about three years, so he wouldn't do as well on the lifetime chart.
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